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Hello Beautiful People!

NEED A PHYSIO began in 2015 and has steadily developed into what is now HYDERABAD's largest Physiotherapy provider. 


We focus on providing exceptional clinical excellence and great customer service to our patients.

We offer a range of expert services to our patients and our Physiotherapists engage in continual evidence-based education programs in order to remain at the top of their profession, so you can be assured of high quality care.  

First and foremost, we will work hard to get you better but just as importantly we strive to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

What Will The Treatment Include?


There is a huge array of treatments that Physiotherapists can do. Below is a list of the most common treatments:

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Trigger point therapy – direct pressure is applied to the area and held still

  • Joint mobilizations – pressure is applied to the joints to increase movement

  • Dry needling – very fine needles are placed into the tissue. It can cause a small twitch effect in the area.

  • Postural correction and exercise prescription – this can start as simply as some things to remember about your posture on a daily basis, to gentle exercises at home, progressing to gym exercises and return to sport programs.

  • Advice and education – This will cover what to do to help yourself and what to avoid.


Your Physiotherapist will decide upon what treatments will be the most effective for your issue. It’s important to remember none of them are compulsory, if you would prefer not to have a particular type of treatment you can always opt out.

How Many Appointments Do You Need To Attend?

This varies a huge amount from person to person depending on what the issue is. This depends on several factors:

  • Which structure is causing the symptoms

  • The extent of the injury to this structure

  • How long you’ve had the symptoms

  • Your fitness levels and lifestyle prior to the pain

  • How good you are at following the treatment plan


Following your first appointment your Physiotherapist will outline how many sessions they think you will need to have and will re-evaluate this as the treatment continues.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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