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Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I See You?
Generally we can get you an appointment on the same day you contact us, or at least during the next business day after you contact us. Early treatment means a speedier recovery.


Will I Be Treated During My First Consultation?
Yes you will be treated during your first consultation.
How Long Does Treatment Session Take?
Usually Treatment Session last around 30-60 minutes. Depends upon condition the session may vary.
Will I Be Given Exercises?
Yes. Our physios will design an individual treatment programme for each patient, usually consisting of various appropriate exercises that are to be performed between treatments.
Do I Need a Doctors Referral?
No you don’t need a doctors referral. However if you have one, you can bring us a copy of the referral letter along with the written report of any X-ray or MRI that related to your injury.
What About Payment?
You must pay after each appointment, unless you have made other arrangements with our Patient Services team beforehand.


Do You Know How Many Treatments I Will Need?
After your first assessment, your physio will be able to offer an estimate of the amount of appointments needed for your case. This may vary during the course of your treatment as our physio will assess your progress on each visit.
Will I Be Expected To Do Anything In Between Treatments?
Yes. We provide you with the right exercises to do between visits to ensure your recovery is optimized. You will have access to our exercise prescription app which will outline the specific exercises for your particular condition.
Do you have Clinic?
No, we don't.
Do you have any Tie-up with other clinics?
Yes, We Have.
Can I Have A Home Visit?
Of course but the cost of a Home Visit will include travel charges so the cost of treatment may be higher. Please call us for more details.
Does NEED A Physio Have A Returns Policy?
No we don't.

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